Access to radar database requires registration.

  1. Authorize on website.
  2. Open database download page
  3. Select "Navegador IGO8-5 Categorias+Rumbo" in dropdown list Seleciona el Navegador/Smartphone.
  4. Unzip downloaded file, you need esradar.txt file.
  5. Copy esradar.txt file to your phone storage or Google Drive.
  6. Follow instructions below.

Loading a database into the app

Before loading a database into the app, copy it to your cloud storage (Google Drive or OneDrive) or copy it to your phone storage (internal or SD-card) via USB.

Open left menu, select Settings, then select Databases, and tap "+" command at the top-right. First time, the app will ask you to grant permission to access your phone storage. 

File picker will be opened, it may look a little different on different devices.

Navigate to your cloud storage or SD card and folder with the database file, select file.

Database download will begin.